Consumer Materials


Consumer Materials

Once upon a time, the marketers of a popular at-home real estate investment program cried out from a tall tower where they had been trapped by the Beast of Inertia.

“Help!” said the marketers. “We want our customers to be successful, but returns are pouring in!”

On a nearby mountaintop, an intrepid communications firm heard the call.

“We will save you!” cried the firm. “We will reconstruct your manual and rewrite your audio and video scripts… and make sure that they all work together to get your program message across! We will even show you how to parlay your already satisfied customers into new ones.”

“Hurrah!” shouted the marketers. “Now, if you could please help us let down our golden hair!” (Okay, that last part didn’t happen… but the project succeeded, and everyone lived happily in the end.)

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