What We Do · Editing


Writing and architecture share two things in common: a reliance on structure and a similar process through which success is achieved—namely, creation and revision. Few great buildings pop off of the drawing board perfect in every way. The same is true for any writing project.

Regardless of scale, revision is a fact of life for any important work.

But how can you tell what needs to be revised or left alone to make a writing project really shine? What needs to be moved or condensed or summarized or expanded, which words need to be changed, which graphics need to be enhanced or taken out or combined?

The answer is simple…


Editing · Reports


Business documents can be grouped according to urgency. Some are often dashed off in the moment. They must be clear and concise, like any good document, but are seldom subject to extensive review and can sometimes be forgiven their minor faults. Others, like reports, demand a higher level of attention..

The more important the report, the more vital its need for review—not only by content experts but also by someone who knows how to write… how to sharpen a message, make clear a set of data, or structure a document to drive home a powerful point.

We know people who can do that.

In fact, we are them.


Editing · Translations


In central Madrid, there is a lovely restaurant whose English-language menu features dishes such as “landfills of ravioli” and “asparagus attacked with ham.” The food is wonderful… the translation could use some work.

Translation mistakes on a menu are often amusing and can add a bit of color to the dining experience. Mistakes on a website or brochure, on the other hand, can lead to lost clients.

The world abounds with translation software—much of it free and online. But great translation involves more than just finding the words; it’s about finding the right words. To market to the English-speaking world, you need someone who knows how to do that.

You need us.