What We Do · Writing


When you hire us for a writing project, you add a whole new department to your company—the Department of Written Communications. And you do so at the turn of a metaphorical key—on a project-by-project basis—without adding office space, affecting your business ladders, or adding to your regular payroll.

We work within your existing company structure as part of an overall team. And when a project is finished, you can put us back in the holster for the next one… and not deplete your bank account one penny in the meantime. (At least not on us.)

Think of it: A wide array of on-demand professional writing services all just an email or phone call away.

There’s a word for that.



Writing · Audio/Video Scripts

Audio/Video Scripts

Here’s a question. What if your audio/video scripts were written by someone with Hollywood screenwriting credit? Someone who’d been on the other side of the camera, too, and looked it in the eye through a teleprompter?

And what if that someone were scientifically trained and knew how to simplify processes, procedures, and messages—to render them most potent to their tasks?

You see where this is going, right?


Writing · Consumer Materials

Consumer Materials

Once upon a time, the marketers of a popular at-home real estate investment program cried out from a tall tower where they had been trapped by the Beast of Inertia. “Help!” they said. “We want our customers to be successful, but returns are pouring in!”

On a nearby mountaintop, an intrepid communications firm heard the call.

“We will save you!” cried the firm. “We will reconstruct your manual and rewrite your audio/video scripts—and make sure that they all work together to get your program message across! We will even show you how to parlay your already satisfied customers into new ones.”

“Hurrah!” shouted the marketers. “Now, if you could please help us let down our golden hair!” (Okay, that last part didn’t happen, but the project succeeded, and everyone lived happily in the end.)


Writing · Sales Support Documents

Sales Support Documents

Some things sell themselves; others need a boost from a sales force to trumpet their virtues and broadcast how they fit the bill.

If the product or service is simple, the task is straightforward. But if it’s complex, well… your sales force may end up spending more time explaining than closing deals.

That’s where a sales support document shines—by educating the customer before the salesperson even comes to call. And less time explaining means more time for focusing on the sale.

At Write Now, we understand the power of a well-written sales support document—because we’ve written them. And we know that they must tiptoe the line between blatant advertising and helpful advice.

We have very good balance.


Writing · Speeches



What makes a speech great? Is it the script? The delivery? The timeliness of the message?The answer is “All of the above.” A great speech is appropriate to its moment and its speaker. It distills the speaker’s thoughts and ideas into phrases that cut to the heart of the matter without sounding anxious or terse. It draws on the speaker’s inherent strengths and uses a verbal jujitsu to get his or her message across with simple, elegant power.

Great speeches happen, but they don’t “just happen.” They begin with a blank page and end with applause.

Write Now is what gets you from here to there.


Writing · Training Materials

Training Materials

Modern industrial processes are highly automated and, in most cases, extensively computerized—but they don’t run themselves. In fact, the more advanced the process, the greater the need for well-trained personnel.

Whether your employees run complicated machinery, implement shop-floor material handling procedures, or simply follow protocols for quality control, Write Now has the knowledge and experience to design and deliver training programs that show them how to do it.

Or to put it in technical terms: We’re the “all-in-one tool.”

So why not get the process started.