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Effective Business Writing

Learn to write efficiently and effectively for any business situation, format, or purpose in this two-hour, interactive webinar derived from the in-person class we’ve taught across a wide range of industries for nearly twenty years. Gain a practical perspective of writing in any business context, as well as specific, actionable advice you can put to use immediately to improve your day-to-day work.

In this class, you will learn:

  • Preparation—Which questions to answer before you start writing and how to create a visual roadmap of your work before you hit the on-ramp
  • Organization—How to structure every detail of the document for maximum ease of reading and comprehension, using the SUM Approach®
  • Construction—Which simple tools you can use to write clearly and concisely, with proper tone and outlook to promote positive action

All of which speak to one overarching goal: “Help the reader.”

This class is suitable for all industries and levels on the company ladder, but is especially pertinent to those for whom writing is a product of their service, like accountants—who earn CPE credits for participating.

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